1st Hour: Students (non-sports from P.E.) worked on various projects.

6th Grade PRIDE: Students read through Myth 3: Echo and Narcissus.  They completed an adjective match-up exercise in their teams.  Then we watched a brief clip about Daedalus and Icarus from Discovery Education.  We did another adjective match-up activity.  Then students worked in their teams to complete Round Two’s Obstacle 1: create a 5-frame comic strip about a mythological hero/heroine you make up.  We used Professor Garfield’s Comics Lab Extreme as a template.

5th Grade PRIDE: Same as 6th grade, except this class is one myth ahead, so they had longer to work on their comic strips.

7th/8th Grades PRIDE:  Destination ImagiNation team blocked the script.  The students talked about the props and backgrounds they would need.

I worked with individual HS students on their resumes for the National Honor Society throughout the day.  I also made contacts about the Academic Banquet for May.

After School: Destination ImagiNation team meeting until 5:30 p.m.  We are planning to rehearse and time the performance, shop at Bargain Shack and Dollar Tree for prop stuff, and do an Instant Challenge.