1st Hour: MS students (non-sports from P.E.) worked on MindStorms NXT programming/reading new books.

4th Grade PRIDE: Students worked at stations for Language Arts today.  Each station had a creative thinking page and a Discover card series.  While we take a break from the Lego WeDo, each student will be creating his/her own comic strip next week, so I showed the students the program we will be using.

3rd Grade PRIDE: We started with some flexible thinking warm-ups (one-line drawing).  Earlier in the first semester, students had created a “blank” Flat Stanley with the head missing.  So I had put pictures of the students’ heads in place of the missing ones.  Their assignment was to write their own flat story.  The students worked really hard on this.  We didn’t finish today, so we will continue next week.

Pre-K: We read Curious George Learns His ABC’s. After we had read the first 7 letters (with the student sounding out some of the words!), we discussed how the alphabet letters in the book could make pictures.  He chose B, so we talked about all of the things we knew that started with that letter.  He chose to make a butterfly using the Letter B.  I sent home three more letters of his choice and paper so he can make them into pictures on his own.

7th and 8th Grades: Destination ImagiNation team read through script twice.  One of the students is so organized, she had a list of materials, props, costumes, etc. ready to go!  I was impressed!

2nd Grade: Same as 3rd Grade except we did Be A Poet for warm-up.

I also met with National Honor Society candidates throughout the day to remind them about their resumes.