Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Fact and Opinion

Objective: To distinguish between facts, and opinions in a non-tradition fiction text. To read and understand a nonfiction selection.

Activity: Students applied what they learned from yesterday’s handout on fact and opinion by completing a post test and a practice worksheet. Students were given a time limit on completing this skill.

Standard Pass Objective: 4. c

Guided Reading Comprehension

Objective: To read and comprehend a non-fiction informational selection

Activity: Students will read the story and answer questions over comparing and contrasting, making judgements, predictions, fact and opinions, details, author’s viewpoint, personal expression of opinions, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, sequencing, and author’s viewpoint.

Standard Pass Objectives:Standard 3: 1. a b c. 2. a.b.c.d. 3 a.b.c. 4. a.b.c.d.

Reflections: Class pictures interrupted our reading instruction today and limited students in classwork time.