1st Hour: MS students programmed the MindStorms NXT with sound, display, movement forward and reverse, accelerate, turn 180 degrees, and make a square.  It was really neat.  They wanted to show everybody.

6th Grade PRIDE:  The students are competing in teams in an Interact-Simulation program called Odyssey.  They worked on finishing up Activity 1 from their first myth and then we read the second myth about Atalanta.  Students completed their telegram activity and their obstacles to finish Round 1.

5th Grade PRIDE:  Same as 6th grade, except this team had already done Myth 2.  So we read Myth 3: Echo and Narcissus.  Students worked as a team to complete their activity: using a list of adjectives given, match the adjective to the person it describes in the myth.

7th and 8th Grades PRIDE: Destination ImagiNation team watched a video of previous competition winners to get an idea of what to expect.  We were supposed to have an outline of our team’s story, but the writer did not have it today.  So the team canceled the after school practice for today and reviewed the rules for props and expenditures.

I also typed up notifications for the HS students who are going to EOSC/CASC scholastic competitions so they would know what to study and when they are going!  I will distribute those tomorrow (in hopes they might “study” over Spring Break–I know, I’m a dreamer!).