1st Hour: MS student worked on MindStorms NXT programming the robot to accelerate.  The other student stayed in P.E.

1st Grade Children’s Music Journey: Students completed lessons and practice sessions.  One student who finished Level One decided not to continue Level Two.

3rd Grade Children’s Music Journey: Team E took their rotation today.  They completed two lessons and practice sessions.

2nd Grade Children’s Music Journey: Advanced students played the “Fly Swatter Game,” swatting the correct notes when I called them out.  All students completed their lessons and took home a math challenge sheet.

Kindergarten Children’s Music Journey: We traced our hands, numbered them, and sang the FingerPlay Song as we wiggled them.  Students completed Miss Melody’s Practice Session.

4th Grade Children’s Music Journey: Students finished their lessons and practice sessions.  They had time to do a composing activity.  They wrote the music to St. Patrick’s Day March.  This was a great exercise because the advanced students could write the music notes by themselves, and the others played their melodies and I wrote the notes for them.

I also mailed out National Honor Society Candidate for Membership Packets to 25 eligible HS students.