Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Sequence

Objective: To identify the chronological order of events, in a selection by using time order words and other, unstated clues.

To read and understand an autobiography; to compare an autobiography with poetry

Activity: Using a handout on sequencing , student read orally how they can determine the order of events in this passage if the author had not used time-order words. We emphasized that sequencing is one way or organizing information and that authors may choose to organize events by main idea and details. Students then applied what they learned by reading a paragraph and answering questions about time order sequence of events.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 4. d.


Objective:To teach vocabulary strategies for unknown words

Activity: Students were given a handout using the vocabulary words in context. They then applied what they learned by using these same vocabulary words in sentences and also analogies. Students then looked up the words in their glossaries for meanings.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 1. 1.2. a.b. 3. 4. b.

Guided Comprehension

To listen and understand an autobiography

Activity: Students listened to this weeks reading autobiography selection, “In My Family” and answered guided comprehension questions as we listened to the story.

Standard Pass Objective: 1. a.b.c. 2. a.b.c. 3. a.b.c 4. a.b.c.d.