Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: 3rd hour students worked with observations and conclusions. They looked at pics and graphs and made observations about them. Then they used their observations to form conclusions. 6th hour is still behind the other class. They will finished their worksheets and they watched 2 videos over the Arctic.
PASS: Populations and Ecosystems, All Process Skills
Reflection: none

7th Grade
Objective: Students dissected daffodils…..they took each part of the flower and taped it to their paper and labeled it.
PASS: Diversity of Life
Reflection: I love this lesson and the students really enjoy it!

8th Grade
Objective: Students worked through an activity on Moodle called “Getting Into the Fossil Record”.
PASS: Earth’s History
Reflection: This is a great online lesson over fossils.

7th Grade English
Objective: Students continued writing their folktale.
PASS: The Writing Process
Reflection: none