theme – Dr. Seuss

Today we continued with Dr. Seuss activities.  We read some more Dr. Seuss books.  We did a drawing and dictation about their favorite Dr. Seuss book.  After lunch the intern read One Fish Two Fish.  Then we played a fishing game.  students caught fish (with a homemade fishing pole made with a ruler, string, and magnet and construction paper fish with a paper clip on it).  Each fish had a letter on it.  When they caught their fish they had to tell what color the fish was, what letter was on the fish, and what sound the letter made.  They loved it.  At snack time we had colored goldfish crackers.  Before they could eat them they had to sort them by color and then count how many of each color they had.  Some got creative and also made patterns with their goldfish.  They really enjoyed that also.  It was a good day!