Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: Students finished up their questions and charts from the foodwebs that they made last week. 1st hour I had 2 groups that needed to finish, so the rest of the class worked on Study Island. 6th hour is behind and there is only 1 group that has finished their foodwebs so they continued on that today! They are making their Arctic or Antarctic foodwebs!
PASS: Populations and Ecosystems
Reflection: none

7th Grade
Objective: Students worked on the plant life cycle worksheets. They had to label the parts of a simple flower. We will be dissecting flowers tomorrow to get an up close view of each part of a flower and the function.
PASS: Diversity of Life
Reflection: none

8th Grade
Objective: Students did a K20 survey, discussed parent survey and rewards, and then handed out flyers about this week at HOWE! We discussed their minerals ws from last week. I gave them the correct answers to the minerals. We discussed each type of mineral. Began on rocks and minerals activity 2.
PASS: Same as last week
Reflection: none

7th Grade English
Objective: We discussed folklore. I showed 4 folktales: US, Mexico, and Native American. Tomorrow we will begin with the elements of folktales and examples. Students will write their own folktale.
PASS: The Writing Process
Reflection: none