first hour-Government- Students were handed back assignments.  Chapter 5, students were handed a quiz over, congressional membership, House of Representatives, Senate, congressional committees, staff and support agencies.  The assignments do at the end of hour.  pass 9

second hour-U.S. History- Chapter 16-Students were handed consumables ( linking past to future-(vacations), re-teaching activity- Normalcy and Good Times 1921-1929, Guided Reading Activities 16-1 to 16-3- Main Ideas (Warren G. Harding) Mass- Media, consumers, industry, Supporting information over (prosperity, trade and arms control). pass 6-7

fourth hour-Democracy-Students continued working on assignments over Chapter 16- Economics activity, Re-teaching Activity (Civil and Criminal Law), Guided Reading Activity 16-1 to 16-3.

fifth hour- U.S. History- Chapter 16- Students were handed consumables (linking the past to the future-(vacations), re-teaching activity-Normalcy and Good Times 1921-1927, Guided Reading Activities 16-1 to 16-3- Main Ideas ( Warren G. Harding), mass-media, consumers, industry, supporting information over (prosperity, trade and arms control).  pass 6-7

sixth hour- Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.