February 2010

first hour-Government- Students divided into 2 groups for Government Jeopardy.

second hour-U.S. History-American History Flash Cards.

fourth hour- Democracy- Jeopardy (class v. cards)

fifth hour-U.S. History-American History Flash Cards

sixth hour-Alt Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.


1st Hour: MS Students (non-basketball) came in and worked on their computers.

DI Team: The other students from the Destination ImagiNation came today with the other 8th graders.  We did an Instant Challenge: Fractured Fairy Tales and Twisted Nursery Rhymes.  I am trying to get the students to think creatively and quickly!  Then the new students to the team completed a SideTrips Specialties Inventory, and I discussed the Central Challenge requirements while the other two students brainstormed plot elements.

6th Grade PRIDE:  I introduced students to the Qualifying Trials for the Wacky Olympics we will have later when it gets warmer.  Students are divided into teams to complete an Interact Simulation called The Odyssey.  There are four rounds, and each round requires them to read two myths and complete creative activities for both.  Then the team works together to overcome obstacles.  Points are awarded for all of their work.  We read the myth of Heracles’ 12 labors today then teams worked to complete activities 1 and 2.

5th Grade PRIDE: Same as 6th grade.

7th/8th Grade PRIDE: Students shared ideas about their DI challenge plot elements.  It sounds like they have a lot of great ideas.

We had a pep rally at 1:30.  Go Lady Lions!

At 1:50, 2nd and 3rd Grades PRIDE met their Flat Stanley partner class from Hopewell, Ohio.  We had a great time chatting with them and sharing about the World’s Tallest Hill and the Poteau Hot Air Balloon Festival.  The students had a question and answer time.  I gave one of the students here our next guest Flat Stanley from New York to take home for the evening.

After School: Botball Practice.  We have moving bots!!!!

1sth hour Clothing –  Lab Day students worked on lap quilts.

3rd hour Foods class determined calcium levels PASS Health & Safety – pg 372 – Standard 1.1 & 1.5

4th & 5th hour FACS 1 –  watched a united streaming video over eating disorders.

6th hour FACS 2   –  pep rally

7th Hour    –  half the students were gone to the ballgame playoffs.

Reading and Language ArtsSerious Farm Day 5 PASS– listen/ask questions for understanding, speak articulately/audibly, read high-frequency irregularly spelled words, use pre-reading strategies, ask/respond questions, demonstrate awareness of sounds, use short/long/r-controlled vowels, spell correctly words with various vowel patterns, retell narratives, make comparisons/draw conclusions, produce oral/written summaries, analyze/evaluate information, expand vocabulary by listening to/reading texts.

Math– Lesson 15.5 – Subtract  2-Digit Numbers PASS– M2.2.b, M2.2.c

Reflection- Busy day!  The We Really Shine Program was at 9:00, and we kept a brisk pace all day.  We did revisit Lesson 15.5 again today.

2nd Hour – Fund. Admin.  Tech:   The students worked on Lab #2;  creating formulas, formatting cells, creating a horizontal bar chart on a different worksheet in the workbook and moving tabs.

3rd Hour – Accounting I:    Reviewed Chapter 9-6 Mastery worksheets and worked on Ch 9 Study Guide.  Test will be Tuesday.

4th Hour – Personal Financial Literacy:  The students took the Lesson 5 online test.  Began lecture over retirement accounts.

5th Hour – Accounting II:  Ch 13-3 worksheets completed a quarterly payroll tax return and reviewed a W-2 and W-3.

6th Hour – Yearbook:     Pep Assembly……  Go Lady Lions!!!

7th Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech:  The students worked on Lab #2;  creating formulas, formatting cells, creating a horizontal bar chart on a different worksheet in the workbook and moving tabs.


Subtraction Test


Word Wall words

phonic addition

word building

robust vocab

story review


spelling review

adding ing and ed

Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We identified V/VC and VC/V syllable patterns.  We read longer words with V/CV and VC/V syllable patterns.  We used /or/or, our, ore, and other known letter sounds to spell and write words.  We identified the plot of a story.  We reviewed robust vocabulary and understood vocabulary in new contexts.  In grammar we used correct subject verb agreement in sentences.

Math we choose the operation to solve a problem.  We did chapter 16 wrap up.  We did pages 303-308.

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