1st Hour: MS (non-basketball players) worked on computers and some botball.

4th Grade PRIDE: Students worked in pairs to make their Lego WeDo soccer goal keepers.  They programmed the goalie to move back and forth randomly using levers, gears, and pulleys.  Then they took turns “kicking” paper balls and recorded their misses, blocks, and goals.  It was much harder to make a goal than they thought!

3rd Grade PRIDE: Same as 4th grade except they also were able to try out their Goal Kicker on the Goalie.  He made a lot more goals than the students!  It was amazing.

National Honor Society met at lunch to get our plans together for next Tuesday’s Read Across America Day with the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.

Pre-K: Student was absent.

7th and 8th Grade PRIDE: Students completed their SideTrip Specialties Inventory to find out their strengths, then we tallied the team totals.  We discovered the team is mostly interpersonal and musical.  Then the team discussed their top 8 choices for their central challenge.  They narrowed it down to two and deadlocked, so we called in the other 3 team members to cast the deciding votes.  Everyone was pumped–now they can really get down to business.

2nd Grade PRIDE: Same as 4th grade.  One student had written a really good story, so he shared that with us as well.

After School: Faculty Meeting and Botball Practice.