Read todays character quote, perseverance, to 1st & 2nd hour.

1st & 3rd hour: 7th grade Reading

Bell work was Main idea 13. Students completed the test over Madam & the Rent Man.

PASS: R/L 4.3a

2nd hour: 6th grade English

I let students work on definitions or make-up work.

PASS: R/L 1.2, 3a, 3b

4th & 5th hour: 8th grade Reading

Bell work was Main Idea 13. Students listened to Ribbons page 712.

PASS: R/L 3.1a, 1b, 4d, 5a, 4.1a, 5.2d

6th hour: 6th grade English

Students spent the afternoon with Mrs. Brown to talk to some scientists in Anartica.