first hour-Government-Discussed Chapter 5, Organization of Congress, (Congressional membership, gerrymandering, memberships, House of Representatives, Senate, Congressional Committees, staff and support agencies, graph on standing committees).  Reviewed key terms in class (student interaction).  Discussed what is going on today in Congress, in manufacturing and recalls.  Students were given assignment over page 154 (Recalling Facts and #1 Political Processes).  pass 1-8-12

second hour-U.S. History-Discussed and reviewed Chapter 15 Study Guide ( Clash of values, immigration, New Morality, Roaring 20’s, Prohibition, cultural innovations, Harlem Renaissance, African-American Culture).  Students given an Open Book Test Chapter 15.

fourth hour-Democracy-Reviewed Worksheet over Chapter 15 turned assignment in.  Students were given a quiz over discussion.

fifth hour-U.S. History-Discussed and reviewed Chapter 15 Assessment over Cultural Innovations, turned in assignment.  Students were then given an Open Book test over Chapter 15.

sixth hour-Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.