1st Hour: MS students worked on newsletters for PRIDE.

6th Grade PRIDE: One student had completed his assignment (Greek God or Goddess Feature Page), but two had not, so they worked on finishing their newsletters.  I met with two other students who did not come–they said they were behind in their regular class.  Their teacher and I discussed this afterwards and decided there must be more to the story…

5th Grade PRIDE: One student was sick, one student was completing a writing pre-test, so the other students worked on completing their PRIDE features page on their Greek god or goddess.

7th and 8th Grades PRIDE: We are getting ready for Destination ImagiNation, so students worked on an Instant Challenge called Under the Bed.  We discovered our acting skills leave something to be desired.  One student was sick, and one student left for the ballgame, so the other students outlined their top choices for their central challenge character on the SMARTBoard for the group to choose from next week.

2nd Grade PRIDE: I had to move their class to today, so students programmed their Goal Kicker to kick a paper ball, then we had contests to see which one could kick the farthest.  Then we measured to see which one could get the closest to a target.  Students had to adjust their programming and paper balls.

HS Botball Team Members worked off and on all day.  It is crunch time!

After School: Botball Team Practice.