OSU extension office came and presented a nutrition program. This took about 30 minutes. After she left we started reading around 8:45.

Question of the day-What is an exciting change that you have ever experienced.  We discussed that everyone has experienced some kind of change. PASS OL1.1,OL2,WG2.1

Read alouds- I read a modeled fluent reading in “Melon Mountain” and “The Empty Pot” We discussed the author’s purpose and the Theme of each selection. PASS OL1.1,RL4.1a,d, RL5.1b,4.4c

Introduced the new phonics skill and spelling words. We went over the prefixes pre,mis,and in.  We discussed the meaning of each prefix. PASS > WG3.5b,c

Focus Skill- Cause and Effect- We defined and identified cause and effects in a story.  Students did workbook page 194 as a group. PASS 4.4c

Vocabulary-  Introduced new words and went over the meanings of each word. PASS RL2