Skill/Activity- We are still working on counting dimes, nickels, and pennies. I had 2 absent and 2 gone to speech, so I didn’t start a new lesson. I passed out plastic coins and we practiced counting different amounts.

PASS- To be listed on Friday.

Language Arts

Focus- Long i spelled i consonant e.  Grammar- Words that describe feelings.

Activities- Today we did everything in whole group. I introduced the phonics concept for the week, and I wrote examples on the board and they read them. They practiced phoneme addition. I introduced their spelling words and they wrote them in their agenda. I introduced the high-frequency words and we read our “Getting Started” story and our story of the week, “We’re Going on a Picnic!”. They also read 2 stories out of a decodable book. We did a Grammar paper together.

PASS to be listed on Friday.