AH-Flag and moment of silence. Quote “perseverence.”  Finished worksheets over 14-3 “War With Mexico.” Took quiz over section.  S9:1,2,4

Geo.-17-2 “Other North African Countries” read section and completed worksheet over section. Graded aloud and discussed. S2:1,3,4 S4:1,2,3,4,5  S5: 1,2

Reading-Vocabulary words over “The Emperor’s Silent Army.” Discussed voc words. Started skill worksheets. S1.1a S2.4  S3 3.1a,b,c,d 3.2a 3.3a,d 3.4c,d,e 3.5a,b S4 4.1a 4.2c 4.3 4.3a,d

Social Studies-15-1 “Land and History-Physical Geography” read and discuss section. S3:1,2,3