Reading and Language ArtsA Chair For My Mother Day 5- PASS– listen/ask questions for understanding, speak articulately/audibly, use verbal/nonverbal communication effectively, read high-frequency irregularly spelled words correctly, use prereading strategies, ask/respond to questions, listen for pleasure/information, demonstrate awareness of sounds, use blends/diagraphs/dipthongs, use blends/diagraphs/dipthongs, spell words with irregular spelling patterns, retell narratives, know literary elements, analyze/evaluate information, know literary techniques, expand vocabulary by reading/listening to texts, use present/past tense verbs, use adjectives, capitalize proper nouns/greetings/months/days/titles/initials.

Math-Chapter 15, Lesson 10 Subtracting 10s- PASS– M3.1.b, M3.1.c, M3.2