Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: We discussed seasons and students asked questions. We began learning about photosynthesis and how plants need water, CO2, and sunlight to make glucose.
PASS: Food Webs, Seasons
Reflection: none

7th Grade
Objective: Students made a mini-sprouter…..they used a petri dish, seed, paper towel, and water. They built it using the materials. The purpose is to learn how the embryo grows into a new plant. They will make observations daily.
PASS: Diversity of Life
Reflection: none

8th Grade
Objective: I had a few students that needed to finish their articles. The rest of the students worked on Study Island on objectives they should be able to answer.
PASS: The Changing Earth
Reflection: It is really amazing some of the questions that students ask about what we are studying right now. They are excited about the kits I am getting. They are hoping for glowing rocks!

7th Grade English
Objective: Students are watching their movie so they can write their movie review.
PASS: Same as yesterday
Reflection: I chose a movie which had some good and bad actors and actresses, a good story line, mediocre graphics and some mistakes in the movie. I can’t wait to see their reviews.