Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We reviewed that abbreviation is a short way to write a word.  We recognized and read abbreviations.  We matched words to their abbreviations.  We used /ou/ou, ow, and other known letter sounds to spell and write words.  We identified the plot of a story.  We identified the problem and solution in a story. (5.3a, retell narratives) We used prior knowledge and story clues to make and explain predictions.  (5.1b, use prereading strategies) We identified and described the setting of a story.  (5.2a,make inferences in fiction) We reviewed robust vocabulary and demonstrated knowledge of word meaning.  In grammar we recognized and wrote present tense action verbs in sentences.

Math we rewrote a number sentence in vertical form and subtracted.  We did practice pages 293-294.  (2.c. solve 2-digit subtraction problems)  Social Studies we watched an united streaming video over our world.  We looked at our oceans and continents.