Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Author’s Purpose

Objective: To identify an author’s purpose for writing a text

Activity: Students collaborated in small groups of three to answer a set of questions over comprehension, author’s purpose, vocabulary and main idea from the story selection, “A Very Important Day”.  They elected a reporter from each group to report their findings and confirm their answers to each question.

Standard Pass Objective were stated in Monday and Tuesday’s blogs

Reflections: Students enjoyed this activity of working in small groups to answer questions over their story selection. The questions ranged from vocabulary definitions, vocabulary in context, author’s purpose, main idea, and making generalizations. Having to stand and report their findings to the class also helped develop their oral language and communication. The topic on citizenship and taking the oath of loyalty to new citizens of the United States also allowed for some interesting discussion questions. Questions were handed out to each group on index cards and they were responsible for finding the answer within the selection and report to the class. I was impressed with their ability to work with each other and also how the class listened attentively when the classmates stood to report their findings. Enjoyable lesson today!