Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: Students watched a video over seasons. I used a globe and modeled the seasons and discussed how latitude affects the amount of daylight places have.
PASS: Earth/Space
Reflection: I think the students are beginning to understand how the seasons work.

7th Grade
Objective: We dissected lima beans. We labeled the parts of the bean and discussed their functions. We also discussed germination and what it means. Tomorrow we will build mini-sprouters to help them understand the germination process.
PASS: Diversity of Life
Reflection: The students enjoyed doing this.

8th Grade
Objective: Students finished their article assignment over rocks, the rock cycle, minerals, and fossils.
PASS: Same as Monday
Reflection: The students enjoyed the article over the glowing rocks. I am also receiving a kit from the The Natural History Museum in Norman that has all kinds of minerals, rocks, and fossils. It has lessons for the students.

7th Grade English
Objective: We discussed movie reviews that they read online. We discussed if they agreed with them. Wednesday we will watch a movie so they can write their own review.
PASS: The Writing Process, Writing a movie review