1st Hour: Students worked on their computers today (FutureCity software).

I worked with a HS student during 2nd hour to make a recording for one of his classes.

4th Grade PRIDE: Students created their WeDo Lego Goal Kickers in teams.  Then we had a “paper ball” kicking competition to see which team’s kicker could kick the ball the farthest.  Teams competed for best of 3.

3rd Grade PRIDE: Students competed in teams with their Goal Kickers.  They could modify their kicker, their paper “balls,” and their programming.

HS students from Botball team spent most of today working off and on on their documentation (due today) and finalizing construction on their bots.

Pre-K: Student created different designs using Wedgits.

7th and 8th Grade DI team: The students finished their BrainWriting for FLIP ideas, and we found out one of our team members would not be able to attend the competition.  The remaining team members decided to invite 3 more classmates to join them, so we asked them to come after class to talk with us about it.  The other 3 seemed very excited about it, but they will have to check with their parents.

2nd Grade PRIDE:  I had to postpone this class until tomorrow because the Botball team documentation deadline was today, and students were frantically trying to get their assignments uploaded.  We made it!

Also, we were supposed to videoconference with our Flat Stanley partner in Ohio today, but they were snowed out once again!

After School: Botball team meeting.