Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

1st Hour: Students worked on their computers today (FutureCity software).

I worked with a HS student during 2nd hour to make a recording for one of his classes.

4th Grade PRIDE: Students created their WeDo Lego Goal Kickers in teams.  Then we had a “paper ball” kicking competition to see which team’s kicker could kick the ball the farthest.  Teams competed for best of 3.

3rd Grade PRIDE: Students competed in teams with their Goal Kickers.  They could modify their kicker, their paper “balls,” and their programming.

HS students from Botball team spent most of today working off and on on their documentation (due today) and finalizing construction on their bots.

Pre-K: Student created different designs using Wedgits.

7th and 8th Grade DI team: The students finished their BrainWriting for FLIP ideas, and we found out one of our team members would not be able to attend the competition.  The remaining team members decided to invite 3 more classmates to join them, so we asked them to come after class to talk with us about it.  The other 3 seemed very excited about it, but they will have to check with their parents.

2nd Grade PRIDE:  I had to postpone this class until tomorrow because the Botball team documentation deadline was today, and students were frantically trying to get their assignments uploaded.  We made it!

Also, we were supposed to videoconference with our Flat Stanley partner in Ohio today, but they were snowed out once again!

After School: Botball team meeting.


Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We used common spelling patterns to build and read words.  We read and wrote common word families.  We recognized spelling patterns.  (2.1c,use diphthongs)  We reviewed spelling words.  We identified the plot of a story and identified the problem and solution in a story.  (5.1c,ask/respond to questions)  We went over how to compare and contrast.  (5.4b,make comparisions/draw conclusions)  We reviewed robust vocabulary and figured out a word’s meaning based on the context.  In grammar we combined sentences that have the same verb.

Math we took chapter 15 test “2-Digit Subtraction.”

Reading: Teacher Table: Read new reader, # 9, Who Is it?
Seat Work:  Short e phonics w/s (Cookie Jar)
Computers: Children worked on
New High Frequency Word: who
Skills reviewed: Practiced blending sounds together to make words, segmenting,  & reviewed setting of a story
Poem/Song: The Folk Who Live in Backward Town
Picture Book: The Most Perfect Spot
Robust Vocabulary Words: contrast, modify, & compliment
**We worked on our We Really Shine program, practicing and videoing.  We’re having some problems with the green screen pictures.  Some of the kids are transparent when we import their pictures!  This has caused us to have to redo several kids.
Pass Objectives: Reading/Literature: Oral Language: 1, 2, 2.2, 3 Reading/Listening: 1.4, 1.7, 2, 3.1, 4, 4.1, 6, 6.1, 6.3 Writing/Grammar: 2.2, 2.2a.


Adding 3 digit numbers


Word Wall

Phonics Awareness

Fluency Word Review

Robust Vocab. Review

Word Building


Leveled Readers

Problem/Solution Comprehension

Junie B. Jones

2nd Hour – Fund. Admin.  Tech:   The students worked on Microsoft Excel Ch. 2 steps through the chapter covering the topics of Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries.

3rd Hour – Accounting I:    Chapter 9-3 worksheets – completing a Cash Payments Journal for a Petty Cash reimbursement

4th Hour – Personal Financial Literacy: Test over Module 4.1 “Tracking your money”.

5th Hour – Accounting II:  Test today over Ch 12

6th Hour – Yearbook:    Test today over the 12 rules of desktop publishing .  Also continued to work on page design and making images transparent.

7th Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech:  The students worked on Microsoft Excel Ch. 2 steps through the chapter covering the topics of Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries.

1st hour – Lab Day – students worked on lap quilts for the nursing home.

3rd hour – Foods class – students watched a  video on the Human Digestive system and answered questions along the way.PASS Biology Pg 211- Standard 5.2, Health and Safety Pg 372- Standard 1.3

4th and 5th hour FACS 1 students identified the Food Groups by a powerpoint – specifically Dairy and Oils.

6th hour FACS 2 students identified nutrients in Vegetables and Fruits.

7th hour Adult and Family Living students read a case study and evaluated how that family balanced family life and work.

1st hr. 4th Handwriting/Spelling- Standard 3.5 A-D, 3.6. Practiced writing the letters S- Z. Discussed character quote- Choosing What’s Right Peace. W.S. 81 was due. Assigned W.S. 82-83. Test will be tomorrow.

2nd hr. 1st P.E.- Ball Tag, Ball Dodgeball Tag.

3rd hr. 3rd P.E.-Tornado Drill in the Safe Room. Played British Warmup Tag.

4th hr. 2nd P.E.-Birthday Game.

5th hr. Kdg. P.E.- Dead Ants.

6th hr. 4th P.E.- Basketball, British Warmup Tag.

7th hr. 4th S.S.- Standard 4: 1-3. Standard 5:1-3. We went over p. 196 Chapter 8 Thinking About Vocab. & Facts. Most did real well. I had one student who had to take Chapter 8 test.  Handed out & reviewed Unit 3 notes. We will finish up reviewing tomorrow. Test will be Friday.

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