Skill/Activity-Today we started Chapter 15. Today we did lesson 15.1 together in class. It was about recognizing pennies and nickels. They had to recognize the coin, know its worth, and count different combinations of nickels and pennies.

PASS to be listed on Friday.

Language Arts

Focus- Long a spelled “a consonant e”

Activities- Today we did everything in whole group. We practiced phoneme blending orally. I wrote a consonant e words on the board an they practiced reading them. I introduced the spelling words and they wrote them in their agenda. I also introduced the robust vocabulary words for the week an explained their meanings. We then used them in sentences. We read our “Getting Started” story. I introduced the high-frequency words for the week and we read our story, “Flake, the Missing Hamster”. We then read a decodable book. This week we are working on words that tell how many in Grammar. We discussed the concept and did a Grammar paper together.

PASS to be listed on Friday.