Reading and Language ArtsWhat’s My Job Day 5 PASS– listen/ask questions, speak articulately, use verbal/nonverbal communication, read high-frequency, use pre-reading strategies, demonstrate awareness of sounds, demonstrate appropriate sentence structure, apply spelling to revising/editing, spell correctly words with various vowel patterns, know literary elements/techniques, analyze/evaluate information, expand vocabulary by reading/listening to texts, know/appreciate various genres, support interpretations/generalizations, describe character changes/traits/relationships, connect illustrations to print, produce oral/written summaries, make inferences in fiction, use adjectives, demonstrate appropriate punctuation, capitalize the first word of a sentence.

Math– Lesson 14.4 Estimation and AdditionĀ  PASS– M3.1.b, M3.2

Reflection– The math lesson was difficult for them so we will revisit this topic after I make some some easy to read visual tools to help them with estimation.