Valentine Party Day!

Went to the library after breakfast.  When we got back we did our calendar and all of our opening activities.  Read The Best Valentine.  Then we got in a circle around the rug and let the students pass out all of their valentine cards and candy.  This took a very long time and it was time for lunch before we new it.  After lunch we did a few music and movement activities, sang a few valentine songs,  did Frog Street Sing and Read “Hailey Heart” and letter Vv “Victor Vulture”.  I got all of the students the book Valentine Mice for their valentine gift.  I passed these out to them and they all got to follow along as I read it.  We watched a Charlie Brown Valentine cartoon while we rested for a short time.  Then it was PARTY time!!!  We went to the cafeteria and had some treats and then came to the room and played some games.  Everything went very well and the students had a GREAT time!