Today was Valentines Day!  We didn’t have our regular Reading centers today.  But we did have our regular whole group instruction.
Skills reviewed: Listened for medial vowel sounds in words.
High Frequency Words: Reviewed all words introduced thus far
Reviewed Robust Vocabulary Words:  Compliment, confer, mingle, treasure, sturdy, & worth
Story: The Cozy House
Activities:  Each group read our reader for the week & completed a cut & paste w/s about Valentines Day.
**We were very happy to have all of our kindergartners here today (both classes)!   We took a group picture & plan to use it in our video for our We Really Shine program.

In the afternoon, we had our Valentines party.  One of our classroom mom’s, Christy Wilbourn, planned the party and it went very well.  The children all had a great time!