1st Hour:  Student who is creating webpage for book recommendations wrote two new entries.  Other student worked on his Greek god/goddess assignment for PRIDE.

6th Grade PRIDE: We began with the Valentine Mad Lib.  Students who were finished with their Greek god/goddess newsletter showed those to the class.  The others continued working on theirs.

5th Grade PRIDE: Same as 6th grade.

7th and 8th Grades PRIDE: We began with an Instant Challenge: Magnificent Monster.  Students had 5 minutes to use given materials to create a monster with special talents and 2 minutes to perform a short skit about their monster.  We evaluated their teamwork and creativity.  Students continued the Brainwriting activity from yesterday to generate ideas for a character who flips his/her point of view.

HS Students came to work on Botball documentation and programming.  I passed out parent information/permission slips for the movie on Saturday.

After School: Botball Meeting.  Saturday is Green Valley Conference Tournament at Heavener at 9:30 a.m., then I will take MS PRIDE students to Ft. Smith to see The Lightning Thief.