Fourth Grade Reading

Word Study: Specialized Vocabulary

Objective: To demonstrate familiarity with special terminologies

Activity: Students were given many words and phrases that firefighters use when talking about their work. I explained that specialized vocabulary or “Jargon” have specific meanings to firefighters. As a follow-up activity, students put other “jargon” words into categories such as clef to music, hard drive to computer, double-header to sports, etc.

Standard Pass Objectives: Standard 3: 1. a.b.c. 2. a.b.c.


Objective: To develop and expand knowledge of unfamiliar words to increase vocabulary

Activity: Students were divided into six groups and given one vocabulary word to act out to the class so we may decide which vocabulary word it is. Students could not use any sounds, only actions. As a follow-up activity, students were to complete the vocabulary words in context to show they understood their meanings.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 1 . 1

Locating Information

Objective: To locate information using a variety of sources including tables of contents, glossaries and indexes

Activity: Students completed a worksheet for additional practice in locating information using a title page, table of context, index and glossary.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 5: 1. a

Reflection: The class so enjoyed acting out the vocabulary words with their table mates today. They worked very collaboratively with each other and were competitive as to which group could best express their word to others.

Locating Information is an ongoing additional practice in fourth grade to prepare them for EOY instruction.