Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Teacher Table: Pg. 8 from theme book & read the book, What Will Dad See?
Seat Work: Rhyming words w/s
Computers: Free Choice
New High Frequency Word: down
Skills reviewed: Identifying the medial sound in words, segmenting, blending sounds/letters together to make words.
Song: Do You Know the Muffin Man?
Picture Book: The Most Perfect Spot
Robust Vocabulary Words: famished, modify, & unfortunate
Activities: Read Decodable book # 5, What Will Dad See?, Rhyming Words w/s & Computers,

**We used part of our day to video children for our special project for our WE REALLY SHINE program.

Pass Objectives: Reading/Literature: Oral Language: 1, 2, 2.2, 3 Reading/Listening: 1.4, 1.7, 2, 3.1, 4, 4.1, 6, 6.1, 6.3 Writing/Grammar: 2.2, 2.2a.


Today we reviewed letter Cc.  We read Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse. Introduced the shape “Heart”.  Did Frog Street Sing and Read “Hailey Heart”.   During small group/center time we made a Valentine craft out of hearts.  Students cut out heart shapes and then we glued them together to look like a puppy.  Before rest time we read Pooh’s Scavenger Hunt and we read Guard Dog Mary.  After rest time students did a letter Cc coloring page.


FOCUS SKILL: Compare and Contrast Two Folk tales

Objective: To find similarities and differences in two folk tale stories such as characters, setting, purpose, and cultural differences

Activity: Students completed a Venn Diagram to compare two folk tales we have recently read as reading selections from our reader, “The Emperor and the Kite” and “In the Days of King Adobe”

Standard Pass Objective was stated in Monday’s blog


Objective: To gain meaning in a variety of ways to better understand vocabulary words in this week’s reading selection

Activity: Students were assessed in the understanding of vocabulary words and using the words in sentence context, from this week’s reading selection, “One Grain of Rice”

Standard Pass Objectives were stated in Monday’s blog

Moodle Assignment: Students did online activities covering skills taught this week on compare and contrast, vocabulary words and syllables.

1st hour Clothing – Lab Day Students worked on Lap Quilt project for nursing home.

3rd hour Chemistry of Foods – students took a test over Dairy Products.

4th & 5th  hour  FACS 1 took watched a video “Food Safety is no Mystery.

6th hour FACS 2  students watch a Nutrition and Diet video , then answered questions about the video.

7th hour Adult and Family Living students presented their  Family Crisis  powerpoints.

Week 2 Forest Animals

We discussed Chipmunks today. What they look like, what they eat, where they make their home, and sounds they make (Science St. 3). Looked at pictures of them from the web, read Chatty Chipmunk’s Nutty Day, (Lang. Arts St 1.1, 3, 4.2), reviewed letter/sound Cc, (Lang. Arts. St. 6.3) . Reviewed rhyming words and students matched the chipmunk with its rhyming nut (L.A. St. 4.1). After lunch we read a book about bears and did a beginning sounds worksheet (L.A. St. 5.2)

2nd Hour – Fund. Admin.  Tech:   The students worked on Lab #1. Annual cost of Goods Worksheet.  The students developed a table and a 3-d cluster bar graph based on data that was given to them.

3rd Hour – Accounting I:     Took the Ch 8 test today.

4th Hour – Personal Financial Literacy:  completed module 3.1 Finding Financial Services and completed activity 1 & 2.

5th Hour – Accounting II:  completed worksheet for Ch. 12-3, calculating payroll.

6th Hour – Yearbook:    We went through the virtual book as a class and discussed additional designs needed.

7th Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech:  The students worked on Lab #1. Annual cost of Goods Worksheet.  The students developed a table and a 3-d cluster bar graph based on data that was given to them.

Math:  Geometry lines, line segments, rays, polygons St 4:1

Reading: worked on worksheets and finished spelling worksheets St 1:2a,b,c 5:1a

English:  Finished all work on computer for punctuation unit St 3:3

Science:  Unitedstreaming video on lightning St 3: 1,3,4

Social Studies: Read Ch 9 Lesson 4 George Washington and discussed.  Worked on Moodle lesson 4. notes for test on Monday. St 5:2,3

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