Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Team/Individual Projects

  • 8th Grade
    • VFT Development – Quia, Moodle, iWeb, Script, Wiki, Collaboration Tools, Interactive project (wanted poster and disguises), Etc.
  • HS 4th/5th Hour:
  • Evergreen Teams started mini-show production in teams of 3-4
    • Lesson Objectives: students will be able to explain the roles and responsibilities of a field production team; students will be able to identity and demonstrate the use of field production equipment.  Assessment:
    • Students will be able to demonstrate how to work a digital video camera
    • Students will be able to recognize different videotape formats
    • Students will be able to explain the importance of sound and key factors in achieving quality sound
    • Students will be able to identify and use different types of lighting
    • Students will be able to identify the components that make up a video news story
    • Students will be able to identify the various compositions and movements of shots and create a shot sheet
    • Students will be able to plan and conduct a filed production
  • 4th Hour demonstrated White Balancing cameras, developed story ideas, covered video examples technically bad shots/shot examples
  • 5th Hour same as above, but did not get to white balancing – students began Shot List in Google Docs
  • CLE Live! Production Teams show preparation: Team 1 show Jan. 22; Team 2 show Jan. 28
    • Scripting, editing, shooting, production
    • Producer began Wirecast setup – stories not meeting deadline

Homework today:

Show Script; 8th Grade VFT Script

ISTE Student NETS Standard ALL/

Methods to Teach Objectives
Project Based Learning; Inquiry Based Learning

Technology/State/Federal Programs/Classroom

  • 1 to 1 Netbook Parent Agreement – entered in PowerSchool those turned in, alphabetized and organized in 3-ring binder – cross ref for accuracy
  • Compiled list of students who turned in agreements and fwd Cammie and Peggy
  • Worked on JOM new Committee assignments
  • Maine training canceled
  • Assisted with re-keying of wireless passwords on Netbooks
  • Documented 2 Netbook rekeys
  • Scheduled to attend OTA Conf. – was nominated for OTA Board – election occurs at conference
  • Rescheduled several Maine Trainings due to conflicts
  • Coord. Atomic Learning migration and webinar conf/acct config
  • Accepted invitation to present at Federal Programs Conf on Web 2.0 and Collaboration on Feb. 17 at Moore-Norman Tech Center
  • Accepted invitation to present at Shawnee Public Schools PD on Feb. 15 on Web 2.0
  • Communicated willingness to present our student created VFT’s multiple times due to multiple requests
  • Started legwork for Haiti relief campaign for HPS
  • District Calendar Updates
  • Rec’d A+ Server software disks and manuals – reviewing for OS 10 install on Thursday

Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We blended sounds into words.  We spelled four, five, and six letter short vowel words.  (2.1b, use short vowels)  We built robust vocabulary and expanded word meanings.  We read phonetically regular words.  We read and wrote common word families.  We reviewed spelling words with the ea sound.  We identified the setting of a story and analyzed elements of setting.  (6.2, know literary elements/techniques) We read and followed multi-step directions.  (1.2, follow simple directions) We read story in groups and asked comprehension questions.  In grammar we identified sense adjectives.

Math we added two-digit numbers with regrouping.  We did practice pages 241-242.  (2.c)


Picture Book: I’m a Jolly Farmer
Song: The More We Get Together
Skill: Phoneme Categorization: Final sound

Seat work: review work on letter and sound “Ll”
Computer: Reviewing letters L & H
Teacher Table: worksheet from theme book

Math: Introduce 19 & 20 practice counting and writing the numbers

Math: Metric conversions St 4:5  We went down to the 3rd & 4th ballgame for a while.

English:  Quotations

Social Studies:  We are finishing up chapter 8 and we will have a test tomorrow.  We also started a map worksheet on latitude.  We worked on this through science class.

Reading and LanguageAnnie’s Gifts Day 2 AND 3 PASS-listen/ask questions for understanding, speak articulately/audibly, read high-frequency words fluently, use pre-reading strategies, demonstrate awareness of sounds, use consonant sounds in beginning/medial/final positions, use short/long/r-controlled vowels, use blends/digraphs/dipthongs,apply spelling to revising/editing, know literary techniques, analyze/evaluate information, produce oral/written summaries, expand vocabulary by reading/listening to texts, use adjectives, demonstrate appropriate language mechanics, use correct end punctuation.

Math– Chapter 12.3 Addition with Greater Numbers   PASS- M2.1.1, M2.2.c

Reflection– Math was pretty tough for them and it is essential that they master this lesson with a high degree of accuracy–it is the foundation for the skills they will need for regouping when adding/subtracting double digit numbers.  We will spend another day on this lesson.



Skill- Tens and ones

Activities- Today we did Lesson 13.2 together in class.  They did Independent practice pg. 13.2 for a grade.

PASS- To be listed on Friday

Language Arts


Activities- Whole Group: We reviewed our spelling and robust vocabulary words. We also practiced phoneme substitution. Small Group: They read their story, leveled books, and decodables. They worked on the phonics program on the computer.  They wrote their spelling words and did a word sort with gl words.  They also did a high-frequency word worksheet and a phonics worksheet.

PASS to be listed on Friday.

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