Friday, January 15th, 2010

Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We used the suffixes ly and ness to determine the meaning of two syllable words.  We read longer words with the suffixes ly and ness.  (2.2a, understand base words) We reviewed spelling words and took our spelling test.  We identified the setting of a story.  We identified the importance of the setting to a story’s meaning.  (7.2,analyze/evaluate information) We reviewed vocabulary and determined knowledge of word meanings.  We took comprehension test over “Mr. Putter and Tabby.”  In grammar we wrote adjectives correctly in sentences.

Math we used place value models to add two digit numbers with regrouping.  We did practice pages 237-238.  (2.c, solve two digit addition with regrouping)  Social Studies we watched an united streaming video over understanding our school and goverment. (1.1)


Reading and Language– Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book Day 5 PASS-listen/ask questions for understanding, speak articulately/audibly, read high-frequency words fluently, use pre-reading strategies, demonstrate awareness of sounds, use consonant sounds in beginning/medial/final positions, use short/long/r-controlled vowels, use blends/digraphs/dipthongs,apply spelling to revising/editing, know literary techniques, analyze/evaluate information, produce oral/written summaries, expand vocabulary by reading/listening to texts, use adjectives, demonstrate appropriate language mechanics, use correct end punctuation.

Math– Chapter 12.1 Regrouping   PASS- M2.1a, M2.2a, M2.2b

Reflection– Today’s math lesson was pretty tough—we started regrouping.  We just learned the basics today and I feel like the foundation was laid to move on to lesson 12.2 on Tuesday.  We also ran through our We Really Shine Program today and I am SO prooud of how well they read!  Hooray!  🙂

Math: Retest

Reading: Test over Seeing Earth from Space

English:  Test over Punctuation & Capitalization

Science:  Finish Pendulum experiment

Social Studies:  Finish work on computer for last 15 minutes.  Used part of this period to finish science.

1st hour Clothing students practiced  sewing on buttons.

3rd hour Chemistry of Foods class  had a  Lab Day they made butter and began  working on their dairy project.

4th and 5th read consumer articles in “Choices” magazine.

6th hour FACS 2 students read “Big Fat Myths” in the Choices magazine.  PASS: Health 1,2,3, ,4,5,6,7,

7th hour Family Living students read article “The Tough Live of a Teen Mom” PASS: Health 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,


Skill-Data and Graphs

Activities- Today we took the Chapter 12 Test.

PASS taught this week- Standard 1.1 Describe, extend and create patterns, 1.2 Describe, extend, and create patterns with numbers in a variety of situations, 1.3 Demonstrate number patterns by counting as may as 100 objects by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, 5.1a Organize, describe, and display data using concrete objects, pictures, or numbers, 5.2 Formulate and solve problems that involve collecting and analyzing data common to children’s lives.

Language Arts

Focus-Reading, Spelling, and phonics: r-controlled e, i, and u.  Grammar: he, she, it, and they.

Activities- Today we took our reading and spelling tests.

PASS taught this week- Standard 1.2 track print as text is being read, 2.4 segment and blend the phonemes of one-syllable words, 2.6 Add or delete a phoneme to a word, 3.1a Use short and long vowel patterns, 3.1b Use r-controlled vowel patterns, 3.1 Use blends, digraphs, and diphthongs. 3.2 Apply knowledge of structural analysis to decode words using strategies such as inflectional endings, contractions, and compound words, and possessives. 4.1 Increase personal vocabulary by listening to and reading a variety of text and literature. 4.2 Discuss unfamiliar oral and /or written vocabulary after listening to or reading texts. 4.3 use new vocabulary and language in own speech and writing. 5 FLUENCY all- The student will identify words rapidly so that attention is directed at the meaning of the text.

1st hour Clothing Students searched through magazines for clothing of various color scheme combinations.

3rd hour Cemistry of Foods students  researched and reported to the class about a   different type of cheese.

4th and 5th hour FACS 1 students attempted a Moodle assignment – distinquishing between values and goals, and wants vs needs.

6th hour FACS 2 students  reviewed and  analyzed their eating habits for the last three days.

7th hour Family Living Students  listened to the short  story  “Appointment with Love”  followed with discussion questions.

Unit – Winter

This morning we went to the library.  When we got back to the room students looked at their new books for a few minutes before we did all of our calendar and opening activities.  We reviewed letter Pp and learned the correct formation of letter Pp.  We practiced skywriting it and then students did a letter Pp tracing paper during small group time.  After lunch we read an ABC book that one of the students brought and then sang the ABC song.

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