Monday, January 11th, 2010

1st hour Clothing students discussed and matched design principles.

3rd hour Chemistry of Foods students examined enzyme action on proteins by using various marinates on meat to determine which was the most tender.PASS Chemistry – pg 212 – Standard 1.1Chemistry – pg 213 – Standard 6.1Chemistry – pg 214 – Standard 2.2

4th and 5th hour FACS 1 students matched the different types of  retail stores with their descriptions and comparison shop through. senarios. PASSLanguage Arts- 94- Standard 4 #2 c,e

6th hour  FACS 2 students reviewed the 6 essential nutrients and identified the results of poor nutrition on health. PASS  Chemistry – pg 212 – Standard 1.1 Chemistry – pg 213 – Standard 6.1 Chemistry – pg 214 – Standard 2.2 Physical Science, pg 204, Standard 2.1 Physical Science, pg 204, Standard 2.2

7th hour Adult and Family Living students distinguished  between love and infatuation. PASS Language Arts – pg. 89 – Standard 1.5 Language Arts – pg. 98 – Standard 1.5 Language Arts – pg. 107 – Standard 1.5


Teacher Table: Pg. 4 & 5 from theme book
Seat Work: “L, l” Lizard Handwriting w/s
Computers: “L, l”
New Letter: L, l
New High Frequency Word: one
Skills reviewed: Identifying the final sound in words.
Poem: Down By the Station
Picture Book: Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo
Robust Vocabulary Words: load, bound, & steep
Activities: “L, l” handwriting w/s, workbook pages (letter identification, letter writing, & comprehension), & computers.

Math: We introduced, “More & Less” and completed a w/s.

Pass Objectives: Reading/Literature: Oral Language: 2, 2.2, 3 Reading/Listening: 1.4, 1.7, 2, 3.1, 4, 4.1, 6, 6.1, 6.3 Writing/Grammar: 2.2, 2.2a. Math: Measurement, 1 & 2.

Reading and Language- Mr. Putter and Tabby Write the Book Day 1 PASS-listen/ask questions for understanding, speak articulately/audibly, read high-frequency words fluently, use prereading strategies, demonstrate awareness of sounds, use consonant sounds in beginning/medial/final positions, use short/long/r-controlled vowels, use blends/digraphs/dipthongs,apply spelling to revising/editing, know literary techniques, analyze/evaluate information, use prereading strategies, produce oral/written summaries, expand vocabulary by reading/listening to texts, use adjectives, demonstrate appropriate language mechanics, use correct end punctuation.

Math- Lesson 11.6 Line Plots PASS- M5.1, M5.2

Reflection- This morning was BUSY!  We finished the reading/spelling tests from last week and managed to complete Lesson 16 Day 1!  I am proud of how hard they worked when the tasks was so demanding!  🙂  We did not have time for science this afternoon, but tomorrow we will start our study of photosynthesis.

Fourth Grade Reading

Make up /Assessment Day (postponed from last Friday)

Students took an assessment over last   week’s selection “The Kids’ Invention Book” on vocabulary and comprehension skills listed in last weeks lesson blog.

Writing Assignment: Student’s completed their final draft over their inventions writing assignment due last Friday and turned those in for review

Moodle Assignment: Students were allowed to completed last weeks moddle assignment skills over their reading selection and skills taught

Reflection: Some of the same students are not completing assignments on time and often times not turning in their work at all. I had four students in for failure to complete and hand in writing assignments. Letters were sent home to two parents last week for the same offense.

1st hr. 4th Handwriting/Spelling- Standard 3.5 A-D, 3.6. Practiced writing Y, y. Discussed character quote- Love. Pretest over prefixes non & dis. Students wrote words 3 times each & in their agenda.

2nd hr. 1st P.E.- Red Rover.

3rd hr. 3rd P.E.- Basketball.

4th hr. 2nd P.E.- Dead Ants.

5th hr. Kdg. P.E.- Toilet Tag.

6th hr. 4th P.E.- Basketball.

7th hr. 4th S.S.- Standard 5: 1-2. Lesson 4 Boomers & Sooners. Lesson Objectives: Explained why many people wanted to own land in Indian Territory. Described the work of the Boomers. Defined the Unassigned Lands & discussed the settlement of these lands. Described the land run of 1889 & the activities of the Sooners. Students got out their laptops & researched Oklahoma Land Run.

Unit – Winter

Reviewed winter.  Reviewed letter Ss, and number 1.  Introduced number 2 T-W-O.  Did Frog Street Sing and Read for #2 and letter Ss.  Students did a letter Ss worksheet and had to color and cut out pictures that started with letter Ss and glue them on the snowman.  After rest time they did a #2 coloring page.


Reviewed Place Value (ones and tens place)

Lesson: Greater than, less than and equals (with signs)

Took last weeks spelling test


Took last weeks reading test

Words Wall words

Sound of the week

intro. spelling words

robust vocabulary intro.


read “The Perfect Lunch”

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